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Beliefs and Values

How we connect with beliefs

If you came to this page expecting a dogmatic statement of belief you will be disappointed.  There are a number of beliefs held by the people of this church but we believe that it is those that we share and can work out in our lives that matter to the church, rather than those that we may hold dear but may not share or cannot act upon.  Through these shared beliefs we encourage each other to live generously, creatively and with integrity as a Christ centred community.

What follows represents what we believe and can share, frequently successfully, sometimes less so.

We believe:

God is – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – this is the true story of God that involves us as part of God’s creation.

Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour – so he is the source of salvation and the authority on matters of faith and life – revealed in his life, death and resurrection.

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is God’s saving act, which offers us oneness with God. This is an event of love and justice, which demands a response from us all.

Mission is God’s. God reaches out to his world and offers life in all its wholeness through Christ and by the Spirit. It encompasses every area of life; it is the gift of life. It is local and global. This is about the coming of the Kingdom of God, which is God’s way. To bring the Kingdom means prophetic action. It involves evangelism – the invitation to others to follow Christ and join in this mission.

God calls us to follow and in Christ we are chosen as God’s covenant partner in the world. He reveals himself uniquely through the Bible which we discern together.

As disciples we grow in relationship with God and participate in God’s mission. We do this by loving God and our neighbours.

The Holy Spirit prompts, enables, guides and inspires life.

Baptism is in water in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit upon repentance and profession of faith.

We are a covenanted community in Christ, serving one another, involved in the community, taking action in the world and being a future orientated people.

Humanity has such great potential in the image of God, yet is marred by sin. Sin is not just doing wrong, but living without God. Judgment by God is real and vital now and in the future.