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Graham’s Blog

On diversity and church – a Christian view. Graham’s blog

October 11, 2018 Graham's Blog
Thumbnail image for On diversity and church – a Christian view. Graham’s blog One of most valuable attributes of a local church congregation is being a diverse community.At a social level this provides mixed human interaction and caring in an increasingly isolated and compartmentalised society. Old and young mixing together and so able to enjoy vitality, friendships and new perspectives. The connections and support mechanisms churches can offer […]
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Make a change

September 27, 2018 Graham's Blog
In August 2016 American footballer Colin Kaepernick first ‘took the knee’; in 2006 Tarana Burke began using the ‘Me Too’ phrase which went viral in 2017 following actress Alyssa Milano’s stand against sexual harassment, in July 2017 an outcry followed the publication of a report showing that two thirds of the highest earners at the […]
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A Pentecost Letter to Peter

May 26, 2018 Graham's Blog
Peter, I know you as a fisherman follower of Jesus. Speaking out what everyone else was thinking, promising what you could not deliver, but with a faith to keep going. The risk taker still standing. I am in your stead as a Christian – a follower of Jesus of Nazareth. In your stead as a […]
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Beware of Bromance

May 17, 2018 Graham's Blog
In recent weeks, as the blossom has flowered we have witnessed moments of tactile affection between some male leaders. At the end of April Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron appeared not to be able to keep their hands off each other when they met at the White House. A couple of days later, North Korean […]
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F word thoughts – more than acceptance and a little bit of Kielty

April 5, 2018 Graham's Blog
Comedian, radio and TV Presenter Patrick Kielty is pictured here in 1988 carrying his father’s coffin. Follow the link below to see how Kielty’s story not only relates to issues such as acceptance, forgiveness and moving on but also to MBC’s recent showing of The F Word Exhibition.
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When do I grow up?

February 16, 2018 Graham's Blog
Becoming an adult means…. “being responsible… doing what you want… going to clubs… not taking your washing home to your mum etc.etc. When you have kids, at 12 or 13, when you think you know everything, when you get a job, when you start going to college… people live their lives a lot longer before […]
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Baptists, equality and being radical

February 8, 2018 Graham's Blog
This week has brought the 100th anniversary of the granting of votes for women with the passing of the Representation of the People Act. But a century on campaigns continue to address gender inequality. Equality Now many Christians are at the forefront of arguing for equality, whilst some hold to male headship and others to […]
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No Room… Graham’s blog

January 11, 2018 Graham's Blog
Wherever we look, today’s headlines are that there are no beds left in hospitals. This is awful but not surprising news, and of course it comes only a couple of weeks after Christmas, the time we all read and sing of there being no room at the inn. Back in December I was at a […]
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Being Bullied

November 9, 2017 Graham's Blog
In Tyneside when I started secondary school I was picked on for being a first year and having a southern accent. Got my head flushed down the toilet on Foggy Friday. Later, I was jumped on for being little and in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was so little it took me […]
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Universal credit – really?

October 12, 2017 Graham's Blog
The accelerated roll out of Universal Credit is in the news currently for the hardship it is causing. It seems to me that it was designed by policy makers and politicians to streamline the benefits system and focus it more to moving people into work. There may have been a motivation to save money as […]
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