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Haddon’s Blog

“Intrusions of Grace: Musings at a Way Station” Elizabeth Davey

January 15, 2019 Haddon's Blog
Haddon Willmer became friends with Elizabeth Davey (pictured below) in the years she was working for her doctorate at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, resulting in her book, A Persevering Witness: the poetry of Margaret Avison (Pickwick, 2016). Avison was a Canadian Christian whose often teasing mysterious poetry is there for us to read […]
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Another word where silence is NOT ON! Haddon Willmer adds to his 7 November blog:

November 20, 2018 Haddon's Blog
Two quotes from George Monbiot’s article:  The earth is in a death spiral  –   It was a moment of the kind that changes lives. At a press conference held by climate activists Extinction Rebellion last week, two of us journalists pressed the organisers on whether their aims were realistic. They have called, for example, for […]
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Facing up to climate change – a revised version of a challenging sermon Haddon Willmer recently preached at Trinity URC in Sheffield

November 7, 2018 Haddon's Blog
If you dislike this sermon, blame it on this, that I have recently been reading both Jeremiah and the Guardian.   So I think I ought to talk about climate change, though it is difficult to do.  May I do so? The IPCC ( recently warned  that  if the rise in global temperature was more than […]
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Why church?

September 7, 2018 Haddon's Blog
Haddon Willmer recommends this feature by Dawn Foster, a Guardian columnist. The first paragraph is reproduced here but the whole piece can by accessed on line by following the link in the body of the post.
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Boys in the Cave an article by Haddon Willmer

July 6, 2018 Haddon's Blog
Of course, we are concerned for the faraway boys in the cave in Thailand and pray for their full rescue. We do not just feel for them, we feel with them. Though we are not in a cave under a mountain, is not our plight in life well pictured in theirs? Lost in DarknessThose who […]
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The Judge is the Savior: Towards a Universalist Understanding of Salvation by Jean Wyatt… Haddon Willmer shares his thoughts

June 24, 2018 Haddon's Blog
Jean Wyatt, The Judge is the Savior: Towards a Universalist Understanding of Salvation Resource Publications, Wipf and Stock, 2015 (xviii + 223 pp) Here is a book that comes from decades of caring thought and spiritual wrestling. Jean Wyatt begins with a story from 1974 when she and her family were worshipping in a friendly […]
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Haddon Willmer – Mariner: a voyage with Samuel Taylor Coleridge

April 15, 2018 Haddon's Blog
The poet, theologian and Christian Malcolm Guite (left) has written a marvellous book, Mariner: a voyage with Samuel Taylor Coleridge  (Hodder, 2017). I got it early this week and could not put it down.  Now I would like to press it upon as many friends as I can.  Coleridge (1772-1834), a brilliant poet, philosopher and […]
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Friday 10 – Sunday 20 May. Thy Kingdom Come, an invitation to pray

April 11, 2018 Haddon's Blog
Thy Kingdom Come is a simple invitation to pray between Ascension and Pentecost for friends and family to come to faith. Now in its third year, participation has grown every year. In 2016, 100,000 Christians pledged to pray. By 2017 – more than half a million had pledged to pray from more than 85 countries including […]
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Notes of a Meeting on Dunstarn Lane. By Haddon Willmer

March 30, 2018 Haddon's Blog
Last summer, a green leaf danced in the wind turned gold and red Fall came, it fell rain soaked through winter imprinting on the pavement – till a silver star…. …..waiting, waiting for the poor man who once found a sixpence on the road and thereafter, anxious for another coin, never saw a star again…until […]
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Lulu and the Archbishop: Who Invented God? Haddon Willmer serves up some food for thought

January 24, 2018 Haddon's Blog
Just now, the Church is thinking quite a bit about children and young people.   Ever since I read it years ago, I have been gripped by this article, reporting the thoughtful interaction of liberal atheist parents, six year old Lulu, and Archbishop Rowan Williams about  Who Invented God?   It raises issues not to be dismissed […]
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