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Contemporary or Not Contemporary, that is the Question

October 30, 2014 Members' Notices
In the last few weeks I have stumbled across a couple of interesting references to Saddleback Church in America, well known as one of the “mega-churches” with c 45,000 members. The first is an article in the Guardian (22/01/10) and the second is a chapter in Robert Putnam’s book, “Restoring the American Community (2003)” which […]
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Heaven on Earth

July 31, 2014 Members' Notices
I have just come back from a three day European Christian Leaders Conference in Harrogate along with 3000 other Christian leaders. This was a real time of encouragement and perspective as to what heaven on earth can look like. Hosted by Harrogate New Life church and led by the leadership team of Bethel Church, Redding […]
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July 2, 2014 Members' Notices
The Daily Telegraph recently commissioned a Gallup survey that concluded: “British people are filled with unprecedented gloom about virtually every aspect of life. They are far more despondent than a generation ago about standards of health, knowledge, honesty and behaviour.” Nobody wants to be gloomy do they? The passage we looked at last Sunday from […]
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Please pray for Youth Alpha : Sunday 4 May to Sunday 20 July

May 1, 2014 Members' Notices
The programme runs for 12 weeks. The themes for May are Life, Jesus, The Cross and Faith. We have around 40 young people signed up for the programme with a team of 15 volunteers. Please pray for those young people who don’t yet have a faith. Pray that they will come to know Jesus Christ […]
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On the Emmaus Road

April 24, 2014 Members' Notices
On Easter day morning we focussed on Jesus’ resurrection. On Easter day evening we focussed on the disciples’ reaction to this momentous event by looking at the Emmaus Road passage from Luke 24: 13-31. Even before the Easter events Jesus had taught his disciples what would happen; for example in Luke 18:31-34 Jesus had predicted […]
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Doctor Who – An Alternative Messiah?

October 17, 2013 Members' Notices
Thumbnail image for Doctor Who – An Alternative Messiah? It’s a good time to be a Dr Who fan, of whatever age. There are 50 years of stories to enjoy, 9 missing episodes found last week in Nigeria not seen since 1968/1969 (complete stories Web of Fear and Enemy of the World for any Whovians out there) and Matt Smith’s regeneration into Peter Capaldi on Christmas Day to look forward to.
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Who is my neighbour?

July 18, 2013 Members' Notices
Thumbnail image for Who is my neighbour? In the Polish town of Kolbuszowa the town crest shows the Christian cross and Jewish star of David; to recognise the historic 50/50 split between Jews and native Poles. Having lost so many of the Jewish population in the second world war the crest remains as a symbol of hope following tragedy and potential of […]
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MBC Visit by Pharisee and Healed Woman

June 13, 2013 Members' Notices
Thumbnail image for MBC Visit by Pharisee and Healed Woman At this Sundays evening “3” service we will be hearing from one of the Pharisees who met Jesus and a woman who was healed by Jesus. Come along for a “once in a lifetime” opportunity to hear from these people! We will also be spending time together in worship , reflection and ministry. Pete Tweet […]
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Home and Away

May 16, 2013 Members' Notices
Thumbnail image for Home and Away I have been visiting the various house-groups over the last nine months and was at the Hardyman’s this week. We briefly raised the interesting question of how we best hear God. Is it by “retreating” from our normal lives to go on a retreat; or in the everyday of our normal lives? Last week I […]
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