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Wisdom – supernatural insight

6 June 2013

This morning, I spent time in Allerton Church of England School leading an assembly about Wisdom.

It struck me as I was thinking about the topic that we all have things that we wish for or want more than anything else. I asked my son what he would like if He could have anything in the world, He said “Christmas”. When asked why, he said “because I get lots of presents”. I asked the same question to the children at school and they came up with butterflies, long hair, super-powers and Kung Fu Panda!! (We had just been watching a clip from the film)

I then told them the story of Solomon and they thought He would ask for power, wealth or status.  It seems to me that all around us there is a culture of competitiveness that accentuates our lust for power instead of wisdom.  Solomon wasn’t much older than those children this morning and He had all the power of a King and yet he realised that power was not enough. He needed a super-power!  Instead of choosing long life, ability to fly or spin webs – Solomon asked for wisdom.  Solomon had learnt that to be the best King He needed to be able to see into situations and identify the truth in them.  So he asked God for Wisdom!

I challenged the children to make wise decisions today.  I asked them to tune into situations around them like one would tune into a radio station, and to look and really see what the right thing to do would be.  The amazing thing is that the Bible tells us that there is hope for all of us no matter how old or intelligent we are : James 1 v 5 says “Do any of you need wisdom? Ask God for it. He is generous and enjoys giving to everyone. So he will give you wisdom.”

I pray that our decisions today would be wise ones, inspired by us seeking to do the right thing and initiated by God’s spirit in us!


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