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Community Activity; church & school

001Moortown Baptist Church is a real community church. By that we mean that as well as providing any number of activities for our ‘regulars’ we never miss an opportunity to take the good news of Jesus out to our neighbours.

There is no better example of this than in the work MBC does in and with local Primary school.

Each year we host Rewind to Christmas and Rewind to Easter, two days of fun and learning which show upwards of 600 local school children what we as Christians consider the real meaning of these two festivals to be. Then there’s Move Up. This is a bespoke programme designed to help prepare year 6 pupils for their move from Primary to High school: in 2014 Move up reached new heights when the youngsters were invited to work alongside members of a professional dance company.

However, perhaps the church’s best known community activity is its annual Holiday Bible Club. For more than three decades the club has entertained and informed literally thousands of children – from both within MBC and from our wider community.

As well as what we may call these ‘big’ events MBC is also active day to day in many less obvious ways. For example Chilren’s Worker Cas Stoodley regularly goes out to lead school assemblies, a number of us serve as school governors and a some of our congregation visit schools to help children with their reading.

WallAnimation1Away from our direct school’s work, in 2011, MBC spent the best part of a year planning and executing a massive community wide project that we called What Matters. This resulted in a full weekend of special events and in us mounting an innovatively designed art installation containing literally hundreds of photographs of the people, places and things that matter most to us and our neighbours. Here again this was a project which saw a massive amount of input from local schools; one of which even called upon the services and guidance of a highly respected professional photographer. There’s direct access to two What Matters pages via the link below.

So if you would like to find out more about just some of the things Moortown Baptist Church gets up to the community follow any of these links and you’ll find a whole raft of on-line stories and photo galleries.

Link to REWIND,

Link to MOVE UP,