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Holiday Bible Club

MBC has been running a Holiday Bible Club for more than thirty years. Over that time just about every aspect of Christian living has been explored via a mix of games, quizzes, drama, craft and round table talks. DSC_0144 (1600x1071)HBC takes always place in the long summer holiday and the sessions, usually around three hours long and held over three or four days. In recent years it has catered for children in school years 1 to 5 and to give you some idea of the themes we engage with in 2013 we looked at the Fruit of the Spirit and this year the Armour of God.

Each and every one of us (child, junior team or leader) will have their special memory from Holiday Bible Club. That might be of Alfi Apple and Nana Banana showing the children how to mix a fruit salad, it may Signor Tagliatelli’s slapstick routine as he tried to rescue a pizza from an exploding oven, it could be any one the thirty or so catchy theme songs we’ve enjoyed/endured over the years or it could simply be the sight of children queuing to stick their prayers to a prayer wall.

Whatever the memory the fact that many of the children who attend HBC have absolutely no connection with us or any other church means that Holiday Bible Club is an event that ensures the word of God reaches out far beyond our doors.

There ‘s a link here to BOOTCAMP our most recent Holiday Bible Club.

Our 2016 Holiday Bible Club is called ‘Follow…’.