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DSC_0073 (1600x1071)Rewind to Christmas – like its springtime partner Rewind to Easter is an event that sees upwards of 600 primary school children visit MBC to see and hear what it is that for a Christian makes that particular time of the year so very special.

In December, over the course of four ninety minute sessions and through a mix of topical quizzes, craft and study the children who come from a whole raft of cultural backgrounds immerse themselves in an innovative programme of fun and learning as Cas and her team rewind back to that first Christmas. At Easter the project follows a very similar pattern but of course focussing on the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Increasingly school’s staff who attend the events are telling us just how much they and their colleagues value our Rewind programmes – frequently commenting on how well organised they are and how effectively we explain what we as Christians believe to be the true meaning of Christmas and Easter.

One departure from our normal Rewind regime was when the head of a primary school in Castleford invited Cas and the team to take Rewind to Christmas on tour and present it to her entire school. This we did and again received some wonderful feedback.

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