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House Groups

House groups are a key part of Moortown Baptist Church and an excellent way to meet other people in our church and grow together spiritually. So if you’re not already in a group, please consider getting involved!

Most of our groups meet on Tuesday evenings, but we hope to extend the range of days, times and venues to make them more accessible to everyone.

In addition to the normal house groups that cater for everyone, we have two additional groups: one for Young Mums on Monday mornings, and one for Seniors on Friday mornings.

Our house groups vary in size from about 6 to 20 people. As groups get bigger, we encourage them to form new groups.

What are house groups for?

It’s hard to be a Christian on your own. We’re made to live out and work out our faith in community.

It’s great to be part of the whole church community, but we need a place where we get to know other Christians well, and share the real issues of life and faith in a safe and supportive environment – and house groups are a great place to do that!

Moortown Baptist Church house groups are places of discipleship, where we move forward on our faith journey together with others. They are places of fellowship, prayer, care, teaching, fun – and a place to invite friends to find out more!

What happens at house groups?

House group programmes vary, but all include some Bible study or teaching. We have phases where all the groups use the same material, and often this links to Sunday sermon topics.

At other times, groups choose their own material. Some groups include prayer and worship, and most have a social programme. Most groups meet for about 1½ hours, usually starting at 8pm for evening groups.

Group leaders/coordinators meet once a term to help keep the groups coordinated, and to learn from and pray for each other.

Like to know more?

Leaflets are available at the church welcome desk and in the meeting area with details of all the current groups. You are very welcome to try the different groups before you join one. If you’re interested in joining a group, or forming a new group, please contact our house group coordinator, or the church office. We’ll be delighted to help you become part of a group..

House Group Coordinator: Bob Corrie