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Our Oasis café & Moortots – Tuesday and Thursday mornings

Moortots and our Oasis café are for everyone: that’s babes in arms, big brothers (that’s with or without little sisters), toddlers, parents, child-minders, carers, grandmas, granddads… I think that covers just about everyone! 

Both are great fun and whilst there are differences they both always offer some fantastic craft activities, role play, sand and play dough etc. They’re also planned to give each of our young visitors the chance to play with or on a range of age-appropriate puzzles, toys, bikes and cars.

On Thursdays our Moortots sessions always rounds off with singing time but before that we provide light refreshments, birthday cards, craft materials and at Christmas there’s never a year goes by without a visit from you know who who always arrives weighed down with gifts.

If you’re still a bit confused as to what’s the difference is between Moortots and Oasis let Shelley Dring our Children and Families Lead explain: “Oasis is a toddler friendly café that runs from 9.15am till 11.45am on Tuesdays during term time.  It takes place in our large sanctuary space which means the adults are free to sit back, relax and chat whilst their children play safely within view. At MBC we believe that those caring for young children need a bit of time for themselves, so the Oasis café is a place where they know they will be listened to, cared for and encouraged. Moortots, meanwhile, is perhaps how you might imaging a more traditional toddler club to be”.  

As for costs, well Oasis (that’s Tuesday mornings between 9.15am and 11.45am) costs £1 for an adult and 50p a child whereas Moortots (Thursdays, between 9.45am until 11.30) costs £1.00 for the first child and 50p for subsequent children.  Both of course include coffee, juice and refreshments.
Right now our Friday Moortots is on hold.  However, if anyone is interested in coming along and/or helping could you get in touch with me, that’s Shelley Dring, Children and Families Lead, Moortown Baptist Church, 0113 269 3750. Email

There’s a gallery of pictures we took recently at Moortots and Oasis here. If you would like to see a bigger version of any of them simply click on the image.



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