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Message from Graham

1 May 2020

“I can’t breathe” has become the slogan describing a recent terrible injustice as George Floyd uttered those words whilst being pinned by the neck before he died. The answer to that cry must surely be finding ways of restoration and justice. Over the last few months “I can’t breathe” has also been the experience of those suffering the sever symptoms of coronavirus. Then it a cry for health and healing.

And so this weekend we come to Pentecost, the time when the Spirit came in wind and fire to embolden and transform people. As we know the Spirit is likened to breath in the Bible. Surely, this Pentecost we crave the righting of injustice, the bringing of safety and health, the appreciation and valuing of those who care and the refreshing and restoring of God’s people so that more may come to Christ and the Kingdom may come in all of life.  The Spirit cannot be tamed or compartmentalised. So I say –  may the Spirit bring all these things. May we face the challenges before us with courage and the breathe of God and so for this reason we cry “Come Holy Spirit!”

We are having a church meeting on Tuesday 9th June by Zoom. This meeting will run from 7.30pm and finish by 9pm. We shall be giving some important updates and focusing together on what we are learning and experiencing through lockdown and the next steps we can take as church. Every member shall receive an email giving details on how to attend the meeting.

However, firstly we are holding a practice meeting just to try out the technology and make sure it works. This will be on Tuesday 2nd June at 7.30pm and will only be for about 20/30 minutes. This is a chance to check how things go and take the stress out of the following week

You will receive an email for the meeting on 2nd June on Monday 1st June, and an email for the meeting on 9th June shortly after we have held the practice.

If you don’t receive either of these emails by the dates mention please get in touch with Graham, Shona or any other member of the Leadership Team.

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