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Message from Graham

8 November 2018

A bit of a power struggle

Well a power struggle has been tightening among our politicians and it is difficult to see how things are going to resolved positively. It isn’t promising.

The building climax of Easter was another clash of power, with differing views and people trying to force one another’s hands. It too seemed bleak and likely to fail.

In that dangerous climax Jesus forged a mysterious and dramatic turn of events.

In the next couple of days we are exploring this:

Firstly at the tea service on Sunday at 4pm we are singing a number of Lent and Easter hymns and looking at how Easter is connected with the following words – mystery, names, goodness, sacrifice, abandonment and vision.

Then on Monday and Tuesday we take a different approach as we welcome more than 300 children from local schools as we tell the Easter story at Rewind.

Both these will tell of the tension, power struggle and miraculous good at Easter.

Before all that we try something new for everyone – breakfast together at 9.30am on Sunday before our morning service.

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