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Message from Graham

8 November 2018

As ever there is so much going on at MBC – following a very encouraging and creative prayer day that brought many people together we embark on a week beginning with the Leeds half marathon (the Sunday in which we give out Jelly Babies to the runners!) and then from Monday we welcome a BMS Action team of 4 young people fresh from their experiences in Peru.

In the midst of this we embark series on Sunday mornings entitled “Vivid Moments from Ezekiel.” Ezekiel a famous Old Testament prophet who didn’t simply foretell the future, nor did he simply criticise social injustice. Rather he imagined a world in which God would rule and bring a new lease of life. Ezekiel is vivid and memorable in his prophecies as he portrays a valley of dry bones, sour grapes, false kings and a good shepherd and eating a book.

However when I was at college a tutor posed a question: “Which is the most important verse in Ezekiel?” Well we suggested some of the passages I have just mentioned, but our tutor was unimpressed. Then came the answer: Ezekiel 33: 21 “Jerusalem has fallen” before that the prophecies spoke negatively of Israel and afterwards in hopeful terms and this verses was the watershed moment.

In speaking truthfully of a new lease of life it became possible once the people stopped looking back to what they once enjoyed and had lost and turned to look forward to what might be. That was the turning point. This may still echo for nations, businesses, churches and individuals. We come to a watershed moment of turning and discover not loss but possibility.

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