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Does Luke Bite?

Haddon Willmer

4 March 2010

Since January, our Sunday morning sermons have been on the early chapters of Luke’s Gospel.

What has Luke said to you? What have you heard that is new to you? What have you heard that you knew before, but never really took notice of? What has puzzled you? What has pulled you into going further with Jesus? What puts you off?
What would you like to pass on to other people as good news?

I am not going to answer these questions here. I want to invite you, whoever you are, to respond to them on this blog. And to generate further conversation.

I am not asking you to comment on the sermons, let alone the preachers. The sermons are there as helps and invitations to listen to Luke. So let us share what we have heard from Luke.

You will need a valid logon to comment. You can get one here.
It may take a day or so for your request to be accepted.

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