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Questions that may matter

25 September 2011


Will there be a double dip recession?  And what would that mean for ordinary people? 

Will the Eurozone survive the Greek debt?  Can there be sufficient political and economic change without damaging social and human disturbances?

Is the USA dying as a superpower and what will be the consequences for us all?  Can it solve its political impasse, its economic problems, its culture wars and avoid passing on its pain and problems to the world?

What will come of the Arab Spring?   Will it be more peace and friendship in the world? 

What will happen for Palestine and Israel?  

Will the NHS survive with its core values and practices intact? 

Are we right not to be as worried today about global warming and climate change as we were a few years ago? 

Do all children get education worthy of human beings, God’s servants and children?   

Is it a good thing that rich people and technological powerful nations increasingly  fight wars by remote-controlled drones, with autonomous decision making capacities,  and so they are able to kill their enemies without danger to their own lives?      

These issues, and there are more like them, would seem to matter.

Why then is the church mostly a zone of untroubled silence about them?  

Is the church engrossed with matters even more pressing and important? 

Why is there more prophecy in a few serious newspapers than there is in church? 

In the light of the Gospel of God in Christ, what matters?  

Haddon Willmer

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