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Nativity rehearsals under way

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4 December 2011

Dateline: Sunday December 4th.

With just three weeks to go until Christmas Day and one less to MBC’s Nativity Service, today was the day for all would-be thespians to stand up and be counted. So while Graham was drawing to a close our series on “Being Chris,” groups of children and young people spread themselves around the building to take a first look at their scripts, to learn the words and actions for a new carol or – if drama wasn’t their forte – to watch a re-run of the BBC’s superb 2010 production of Nativity.

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Following last year’s highly acclaimed adaptation of Matthew’s account of the nativity, Haddon Wilmer has again spent hours and days dramatising the account of the birth of Jesus, this year from the gospel of Luke, for what he describes as a “congregational nativity.”

The Service will take place on Sunday 18th December, beginning at 10.30am, and if last year’s production is anything to go by it will be no use just turning up and expecting to watch others do all the work.

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