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A not very boring night… MBC presents a nativity with a difference

16 December 2013

DSC_0042 (1600x763)This year MBC’s nativity service was a bit different. First of all it was different because unlike the more traditional offering there was neither sight nor sound of either Mary or Joseph, nor even of Jesus. And secondly because the entire twenty minute narrative was acted out by five shepherds, five sheep and a bling wearing rapper.

IMG_6160Written by Welsh man Andy Hughes A not very boring night was originally designed to be performed as a puppet show, indeed in the lead up to Christmas 2007, it’s first year, five teams of puppeteers performed it in front of over 10,000 school children.

However, when adapted for humans it means that on one side of the sheep pen it features four experienced shepherds: Len, Craig, Ben and Bill and Len’s young nephew Sam, whilst on the other a flock of “dozy old, tick-ridden bags of bones” who go by the names of Sue, Tikka, Baaabara and Danielle.

For the four old hands the life of a hillside shepherd is just fine, in fact for them the “relaxing lifestyle” it provides is perfect. For Sam, though, it is boring, boring, boring! Sam longs for adventure. For him wrestling with wild animals, fighting against giants and rescuing princesses is what life ought to be about.

IMG_6172However, unbeknown to the shepherds our sheep understand their every word… a gift that comes in particularly useful when following the appearance of the Angel Gabriel (Richard Thompson lightly disguised as a bling laden rapper) they like their minders hear all about the birth of Jesus, the Saviour.

The play ends as the shepherds return from Bethlehem and young Sam admitting that in terms of adventure “seeing Jesus was better than all the other things he had dreamt of… and that includes rescuing princesses.”

Special thanks then to our cast: Eleanor Gray, Miriam and Philippa Bromley, Jasmine Madeley, Maeve Richardson, Freya Towns, Yvette Wong, Lorna Colling and the Thompsons that’s Hannah, Joel and Richard – not forgetting Cas Stoodley, Martyn Gray, John Duffy and John Sherbourne who between them looked after all the grown up stuff.

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