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A sneak preview of the wacky way MBC’s new children’s programme began to focus on GRATITUDE

5 November 2017

This morning (November 5th) Faith Builders, Excavate and Inters began a brand new Sunday School programme. Over the next few weeks they’ll be looking at the subject of GRATITUDE, and in particular they will be thinking about all the things we are grateful to God for. Cas and her team have called the new project PULSE and as the material they’re employing emphasises how we always need to focus on the right things they dug some old camera out and set the children a week one challenge of photobombing a picture that one of their leaders was taking… for the uninitiated photobombing is taking a normal photograph (in this case: of someone with blue eyes, of three pairs of shoes, of two people wearing the same colour, of someone wearing a superhero outfit and someone of looking either scary or scared) but with the people in the background doing some ridiculous. You can see the results in the gallery below.

Of course PULSE also contains a high level of bible teaching, a time of praise and worship and some amazing craft ideas; and with a load more pictures we’ll be reporting on all that later in the week. However, as this first session went so well we thought we’d waste no time letting you all see just what fun they all had photobombing! 

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