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As Chris heads off to bonny Scotland and Lunch Club bid him a fond farewell we once again see God at work in our everyday lives

8 May 2019

With Graham taking on the Eamonn Andrews role and a 10 inch Samsung tablet replacing the big red book MBC’s Lunch Club have paid a warm and fond This is Your Life style farewell to Chris Puckrin. 

Very soon Chris will be heading off to Scotland to live near daughter Lorraine and her family. However, quite literally no sooner will he have first footed the suburbs of Edinburgh than he will he will be heading back to Leeds for a knee op. Immediately following his discharge Chris’ other daughter, local lass Sarah, who most conveniently just happens to be a physiotherapist will then take charge of his recovery. 

Armed with a whole load of surreptitious obtained background information, and an equally impressive gallery of pictures Graham led us through Chris’ life story from the day in 1947 when he was born, through his childhood, his early working life with ICI, through his training for the Anglican priesthood and of course through the umpteen churches in which he and his late wife Doreen have subsequently served.

Before heading through for lunch Carole Smith, MBC’s Seniors’ Worker presented Chris with a number of gifts and cards. She also thanked him for all the love, guidance and support he has given her, her predecessor and also the many Lunch Club regulars who during his time here at Moortown have got to know and love him.

There’s a gallery of pictures here taken at Lunch Club’s special event, plus of course a couple taken recently when on behalf of the whole church Graham paid tribute to this lovely man. 

Chris, we know this move is far more than just a need to live nearer to Lorraine and Will, and we know that because when you recently preached at one of our 9.30am Services you told us so.  No, this move like so many others you have made is happening because once again you believe it’s what God wants. So as you leave Moortown and as you plan yet another fresh start all we can add is thank you, take care and God bless you.  

You can read the full text of Chris’ sermon, titled The Journeying God and based on Exodus Chapter 14, verses 13 to 29 by following this link



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