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Back to the Future… July 25th MBC opens its doors on a new beginning

15 July 2021

Sunday the 25th of July 2021 will, as far as Moortown Baptist Church is concerned be a day that many of us will never forget. The reason being not just that our Paris based BMS Mission Partners John and Sue Wilson (below) will be joining us, nor that after all this time we will actually be taking communion together. No, it’s even more than that. It’s the day that after more than sixteen months of two meter ministry, zoom house groups and over a hundred different online offerings we are finally able to fully reopen our building.

However, for those expecting to pick up where we left off we have a word of warning. And that is to try and put new wine into old wineskins i.e. to gloss over everything that the last year and a half has taught us would be downright foolish. 

Having said that we are thinking more evolution than revolution as at this moment in time and even with lots of irons in lots of fires both our staff and our Interim Leadership Team are reluctant to suggest a whole new way of being church. Primarily that’s because after so much disruption their hope for the future is that based not on their thoughts but on prayer and on the spirit of grace and truth that Jesus modelled MBC will become a fellowship of believers so devoted to one another and to building the Kingdom of God that as the body of Christ in this part of Leeds the words of Acts chapter 2  verses 42 to 47 will become its watchword.

So, despite the huge amount of optimism that exists it is for now at least a case of little steps. Such as this first 11am Service will still be streamed online for those who would prefer it that way. However, if you would like to join us live and in person you will need to let us know you’re coming. Please do this by emailing your details asap to Once you’re with us whilst we will be singing it is still important that while doing so you wear a mask. Oh and although MBC isn’t providing post- service refreshments you may if you wish bring your own and stay in church, or under the gazebos until 1pm. 

Also the afternoon of the 25th (2pm till 4) sees our Romania Support Group’s annual Cream Tea, an event to which everyone is invited. John and Sue will be still be with us for this so it will be a another great opportunity to chat with them and hear more about both their connections to MBC and about the work they do with BMS.  

In between, if anyone wants to stay around you can always walk across to King Alfred’s Field and have a picnic. 

So whilst our impression of back to the future may be nothing like that portrayed in Robert Zemeckis’ 1985 movie it is fitting: July 25th 2021 is a new beginning, it’s the start of a new future, a date that has the wherewithal to unite a community of believers and crucially it’s a date that presents Moortown Baptist Church with an opportunity to embrace the future in faith, with courage and most of all with confidence. 

John S 



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