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BY FAITH… a new series for Church at Home and Family at Moortown beginning soon

28 August 2020

Over the Summer we jumped into Exodus and discovered how God led Moses and what we might discover about our own journeys. Our new theme ‘By faith’ continues that journey by looking at others who were picked out for their faith in the book of Hebrews, chapter 11.  In Hebrews, we are reminded that each of us has a race of life to run (Heb 12 v 1) and the faith and life of those who have gone before us is there to encourage us on our race too.  We are actively looking for God to equip us as Moortown Baptist Church along with all who tune in.

Join the journey on the Church at Home YouTube channel on a Sunday and check out the Facebook page for Moortots and Moortown Baptist church, MBC website, newsletters and Family at Moortown YouTube channel for extra activities and news. 

Our first session of ‘By faith’ starts on Sunday 6th September and will be on Facebook live on the Moortown Baptist Facebook page with a prerecorded playlist on youtube at

       How to get involved…

  • Read the story in your bible on your own or with others safely. We’ll start with Hebrews 11 and 12 and then discover people including Abel (Gen 4), Enoch (Gen 5), Noah (Gen 6, 7, 8 and 9), Joseph (Gen 37-50), Abraham (Gen 12-21), Sarah (Gen 18), Joshua (Joshua 1-5) and Rahab (Joshua 2)
  • Is there one other household you could do church at home with safely? Or watch the playlist at the same time as someone you know and share your thoughts on the phone/online afterwards or on the facebook page.
  • Got a home group, someone you are connected to? Why not follow the story with them through the week?
  • Go on a socially distant walk to talk, listen, chat to God about what God is able to do here ‘by faith’.
  • Print this sheet out for someone who isn’t online and think of way to involve them.
  • Got an idea or want to contribute something to worship/teaching/prayers etc contact Shelley on, Graham on, Shona on or give any of us a call/message.

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