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Child Theology… a 21st century term for an age old practice

13 November 2013

61WNjXNLtQL__SL1360_For quite some time now Haddon Willmer and fellow theologian Keith White* have been working together to produce a book; now published, Entry Point, takes an in depth look into what the authors describe as: “The challenge of child theology.”

“Whilst the term Child Theology is a 21st century invention, the substance of Child Theology” says Haddon “is as old as the Good News of Jesus.”

Taking as its mainstay Matthew 18 – the account of how when his disciples were making serious mistakes in their theological argument about greatness in the kingdom of God Jesus placed a child among them –  the book, without defining the shape and content of Child Theology invites the reader to explore for themselves what it might mean to receive this child as: a challenge to radical conversion; a clue to the truth about the kingdom of God; a reminder that following Jesus into the kingdom means denying self and taking up the cross; an encouragement to live in the resilience of resurrection and a helper in making universal community with God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The call for such a work came out of a meeting in 2002, in Penang at which a group of Christians met to explore what was meant by “Child Theology.” Eleven years on we have Entry Point. 

Following its publication Haddon and Moortown Baptist Church’s Senior Minister Graham Brownlee are hoping that when sufficient people have read it MBC can host a series of informal meeting at which the subject of Child Theology and in particular the light that Entry Point throws upon it can be discussed.

* Dr Keith J. White is Director of Mill Grove where, with his wife Ruth, he is responsible for the residential community caring for children who have experienced separation and loss. He is well versed in the literature of child development and psychiatry. His first degree was in English Literature, and he has researched residential child care in Scotland and later in India. He is former President of the UK Social Care Association and Chair of the National Council of Voluntary Child Care Organisations.

Currently, Keith is an Associate Lecturer at Spurgeon’s College and Visiting Lecturer in Child Theology at the Malaysian Baptist Theological Seminary. He is Chair of the Child Theology Movement, and Children Webmag, and founder of the Christian Child Care Forum.

Entry Point by Haddon Willmer and Keith J White is published by WTL PUBLICATIONS and costs £12.99. The easiest way to purchase it is on Amazon for whom a kindle version is also currently being prepared.


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