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Church at Home 2 – catch up here, and a word of encouragement for those who are wary about Facebook

29 March 2020

If you missed our second Church at Home Service this morning or you saw it live and would like to watch it again here are the links that you need to follow. Once again our time together was made up with a mix of live streaming and material that had been pre-recorded. Contributors today were Graham and Margaret, Shona, Phil Commons, the Powell family, the Chukwuenweniwe’s, Ramayah and Abi.

Graham’s welcome:

The Youtube inserts:…

Graham live again for the end of the service:

Talking about Facebook, I’m still finding people who for one reason or another are adamant that they will not sign up to Facebook, and are therefore missing out on the opportunity to join in our services. To you I say this… YOU DO NOT, REPEAT DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN UP, REGISTER OR GIVE ANY PERSONAL DETAILS TO FACEBOOK TO WATCH OUR CHURCH AT HOME SERVICES.

No, all you need do is enter into where you normally enter anything else you are “googling” press enter and hey presto you land on our Facebook page even before you’ve had time to say “I hate Facebook.”  Then it’s just a matter of scrolling down the page until you reach the post you want to view.



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