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Church at home starts on line this Sunday, here’s how to join us

20 March 2020

For as long as this crisis lasts we are changing how we do church – we are not cancelling it, but instead we are coming together virtually, online!

Join us this Sunday at 10.45am at where we will be doing our first live stream church.

If you are already following our Facebook page you will of course get direct access, indeed via that access we hope in future weeks to be able to make our service more interactive. But if you’re not don’t worry because although not having an account prevents you from communicating with us as the service is streamed you should still be able to follow the Church at Home post on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or pc. * 

To make the best of this, however, when you do connect have a look just below the Church at Home picture (like the one above) and click on like, follow and share.

See you on facebook on Sunday.


*We would strongly recommend that even if you are not a great fan of social media you do take the time to register with Facebook (  Yes it’s a bit of as faff but the prompts you receive make it no more than a five minute job. Believe me it’s well worth the effort as alongside phone calls and texts Facebook really is a very effective way of us getting messages to you.

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