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Church Meeting – 7.45pm, Tuesday September 21

15 September 2021

On Tuesday September 21st we invite you to join us for what many expect to be one of the most important Church Meetings in MBC’s sixty-six-year history. We describe it thus because six months on from electing an Interim Leadership Team you, the church, the body of Christ are to be asked to discuss and then make a number of decisions that will shape its future.

Thoughtfully and prayerfully your ILT has, since March been doing all it can to get to grips with the many legal and human complexities involved in leadership: working alongside, encouraging and supporting our staff, building bridges, re-establishing relationships, setting up safeguarding and training sessions, ensuring our Covid hit worship and pastoral agenda continues and indeed grows etc. etc. However, crucial to ensuring a smooth transition from an Interim Leadership Team to something more permanent is the election or re-election of deacons. To this end at the meeting there will be seven candidates; four are members of the original ILT who are seeking re-election and three are people who feel God has called them to put their names forward. *

Once the election is complete you will hear updates from the ILT, including some important information about MBC’s tithe giving, and also from one or two of our staff regarding the progress (or lack of) made in our collective efforts to piece together something that even above and beyond the frustrations brought about by the pandemic had taken on the appearance of an enormously complicated and incomplete jigsaw.

In regard to the past it is obvious to us all that a number of issues, some inextricably linked to the fall-out surrounding the departure of MBC’s co-ministers, others not, are still causing concern. And it is equally obvious that these are things that none of us can ignore. That’s why following the updates you will be hearing and in all likelihood being asked to vote on a number of recommendations from a small team of volunteers that were invited to work towards ensuring that what happened in the past won’t, or at least shouldn’t happen again. This will include proposals to make changes to the MBC constitution, to its complaint’s procedure and to the Code of Conduct as well as bringing news of an opportunity for members to engage either in small groups or confidentiality, one to one with experts in reconciliation from the Blackley Centre. Most of all, though, it is our fervent hope that what comes from these discussions will remind us all of our responsibility as brothers and sisters in Christ to follow his commandment and love one another.   

To round off the meeting members will be invited to use the final AOB time to air their thoughts and express their opinions on any relevant matter. However, please be aware that looking to the future, walking a Christ like path of forgiveness, grace and truth and not looking back is what this meeting is all about. 

*Please note that only Church Members who are present at the meeting are eligible to vote.

The meeting will start at 7.45pm, in church on Tuesday September 21st. Oh, and please remember to bring a mask. 

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