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Come Lord Jesus

7 November 2018

As a venue for Moortots or a Sunday morning creche MBC’s old Church Hall is perfect: slides, playhouses, pretend kitchens. But one has to concede that as the setting for a service of morning prayer and quiet reflection its dazzling colour scheme and its equally vibrant wall art is perhaps a tad out of line. 

And that was the conundrum facing Shona and Graham as they began to plan the second of our pilot services. The solution, as brilliant as it is simple was to invite members of our congregation to each make a banner that would set the tone for forty five minutes of multi cultural devotion. 

Between them, using the phrase Come Lord Jesus Sammy Bollarapu, Johnny Osemwengie and Kate Slater produced four banners in Hindi, Edu, Telugu and English.  

We’re now looking to extend the display so if you would like to make a banner using your first language all the materials you need are readily available from Kate Slater’s office. 

As a Leeds lad, born and bred, no prizes for guessing what my contribution would be… “eh up, cum ed Jesus.” 


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