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COVID -19. As regulations give way to recommendations here’s a guide to keeping yourself safe. Page updated 21 July

21 July 2021

On July 19th 2021, so called Freedom Day, the government brought to an end a whole raft of legal restrictions that we have all had to live under for well over a year. However, this doesn’t mean Covid-19 has gone away. In fact at the time of writing cases in the UK in general and in Leeds in particular are rising at a worrying rate. 

So as rules and regulations make way to recommendations, and in an effort to keep everyone safe we are replacing much of the material we have compiled on this special Coronavirus Noticeboard with the latest information we have received from local and national government, from the NHS and from a number of relevant support agencies. 

We start by sharing a letter sent out by Coun. James Lewis, the leader of Leeds City Council and Tom Riordan the council’s Chief Exec.

Dear All

As we move into the last step on the government roadmap today, we want to thank everyone who has done their bit to keep themselves and others safe over the last 18 months. Covid continues to be a feature of our lives, so this last step on the roadmap is around learning to live with it and manage the risk to ourselves and others. Rates of Covid infection are high and continue to rise therefore even after today we should all continue to be cautious, help to reduce the risk of spread and protect people at highest risk of serious illness

The latest position for Leeds is that infection rates remain very high right across the city  at 596.6 per 100,000 with test positivity at 14.7%. The rate in the over 60’s age group is now at 139.8 per 100,00,  with infection rates highest in school age and young adults. There are currently high numbers of school pupils self-isolating. There has been a steady increase in Covid patients in hospital, which is causing pressure in the system including the need to open new Covid wards. Approximately a third of Covid patients in hospital are double-vaccinated and the average age is 60, younger than in previous peaks. Almost 528,000 people in Leeds (74%) have had their first vaccine and 426,000 (60%) have had their second. However, there are just under 40,000 people in the city in high risk groups who are unvaccinated, so work to engage with group is continuing.

As we enter a new phase of living with the virus, with very few restrictions in place, here are some updated key messages for you to share across your organisations and networks that capture the national messages combined with local messaging from our Director of Public Health.

From Monday 19 July you will no longer have to wear a mask or social distance by law, but the advice is to continue to wear a mask in enclosed and crowded spaces such as public transport. Some organisations, for example health and social care, might ask you to wear a mask.  

sure you have the highest level of protection. It is also really important that we all continue to reduce the risk of spread by washing hands, getting tested if you have symptoms, and isolate if advised to do so.

As we approach the summer holiday, hope you manage to have a break at some point. Once again thank you for everything you have all been doing and continue to do to help local residents, our communities and businesses recover from the pandemic and start to return to some form of normality. 

Best wishes

James and Tom

Then we have all the latest guidance from central government which you can read HERE  Amongst other things this post includes articles on self-isolation, foreign travel and of course the importance of having both vaccines.

And then finally by clicking on the links below you can find information relating to local networks which cover everything from medical services to advice about nutrition. 

We will do our very best to keep this page updated. However, if you need some help and you can’t find what you are looking for here please leave a message on 0113 2693750 or drop an email to and someone will get back to you. 









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