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Try Praying – a novel approach to prayer for both those that do and those that don’t

14 February 2020

Here at MBC, Lent, that’s the 26th Feb to April 5th will be time when we will be focusing specifically on prayer. Throughout the whole of this time we will be using some material called Try Praying – a novel scheme designed for both those who aren’t religious and don’t go to church but also for those who do.

There’s more about the thinking behind this plan at and to help it along there are also two books. One is actually more a booklet which is free of charge and designed to be given out anywhere and everywhere. The other is more a personal prayer guide which costs £3. Both are available from the MBC office.  

Ten days into Lent MBC is holding its next Prayer Day. It’s being called Catching the Wave and is happening on March 7th between 9am and 9pm. Arrangements for this special day are already well advanced but if you would like to join the organising team please contact Sam and Abi Tilley, Shona or Graham.






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