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Devoted… our new five week series looks at how after Jesus’ return to heaven his disciples set about shaping the very first Christian church – Sunday June 6th

6 June 2021

Ayo! Over the last few months we’ve been following the theme ‘Journeying with Jesus’ together and even though we have a new theme starting on Sunday 6th June, I know there’s lots more for us to discover as we reflect on Jesus the healer, Jesus the miracle worker or Jesus the builder over the next few months. I hope you have found it helpful, challenging and encouraging but most of all I hope you have discovered Jesus himself and not just learnt loads about Him. If you want to find out more, do get in touch with us and continue the conversation.

In June we continue our journey with the disciples as they prayerfully figure out what life looked like after Jesus had gone to heaven. The theme is called Devoted and it’s all based on Acts 2: 42-47 as well as a few other bible verses too. 

It seemed timely that God should be speaking to us about how the friends of Jesus put into practice being Jesus’ body  on earth after world changing events. There were ups and downs, it was messy, such a lot had happened and life would never be the same again. But Jesus had promised that they would do greater things than He did (John 14:12).

So here’s the plan for Sunday’s…
June 6th – they devoted themselves
June 13th – devoted to each of their teaching
June 20th – devoted to fellowship
June 27th – devoted to sharing a meal 
July 4th – devoted to prayer

We’ll be continuing with the playlist for now but also doing zooms and in person get togethers, some of these will be through the week, this isn’t just a Sunday thing, just as it wasn’t for the friends of Jesus.
I’ll be contacting all those who want to get involved or have done something before. Also if something from the theme gives you an idea do get in touch with me or any of the leadership team.

As a leadership and staff team together we prayed, listened to God and heard people of all ages (remember our last theme was something that kept coming up from the children) who are connected to our community. We pray that as we journey together, this theme underpins what we do and say but also really comes to life in all ages in all sorts of ways.

“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer” Acts 2.42

Shelley Dring
Family and Children’s Lead with staff and the leadership team.

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