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Do you remember our youngster’s Nepal Cake Bake… well here’s what they achieved

22 April 2019

Besides receiving this splendid certificate of thanks Hilary Willmer was recently sent a link to the Spring edition of a wonderful 24 page magazine called Today in Nepal. This publication is free to download by clicking on any of the highlighted links.  It really is a great read, not only is it packed with stories of change and new beginnings, it brings fresh insight into the amazing work that the International Nepal Fellowship and its supporters are doing. Below are just a few tasters of some of the Spring edition’s stories. 

A new chapter for people with disabilities in Gorkha and Banke
After four years of hard work the projects in Gorkha are drawing to a close. Partner communities who lived through the trauma and devastation caused by massive earthquakes in 2015 have finished rebuilding their homes and public buildings. In helping them recover, INF focused primarily on the needs of people with disabilities and many communities are now much more inclusive. Peoples’ attitudes have changed and homes and public buildings are accessible for all.
In this magazine you can see how Manju and Devna, two young women who participated in a similar project in Banke, managed to turn around their lives. Thanks to your gifts, circumstances of hundreds of people like Manjuand Devna, who are living with disabilities, have significantly improved. Local groups are ready to carry on with the work by themselves, so the project will be coming to an end in June – a great achievement to celebrate…
New communities in Bajura are preparing to work with INF
After five years, we will soon be saying goodbye to people in our projects in Jukot, Sappata and Wai.
Meanwhile, others are preparing for a new chapter on their journey out of poverty. The majority of our selfhelp groups in Bajura are already in the process of registering as independent cooperatives. With a helping hand from supporters like you, local people pooled their resources and worked together to improve their income opportunities. Families are now better placed to earn a reliable income and many no longer need to leave home to work abroad. They have food all your around and can afford to send their children to school. People in Himali and Budhinanda have seen the change that INF’s work has brought to their neighbouring communities and are eagerly preparing to follow their example. Maheswori and Nanda are two of the leaders of newly established self-help groups. You can meet them on page 16.Green Pastures Hospital – new services to reach more patients
UK donations and gifts left in wills have funded the first phase of the hospital’s development. Thanks to your generosity we were able repair and refurbish buildings, and to upgrade wards and theatres. The team of specialists is steadily growing and the first new services are already available. The focus on poor and marginalised people remains at the heart of Green Pastures’ leadership team. With a growing range of services, some paying clients and a dedicated Poor Fund the vision that no one will be send away is well on its way.Nepal’s first hospice for all life-limiting or terminal conditions
Palliative care at Green Pastures is also ready for a step change. Over the last three years, thanks to your gifts, we were able to pilot a basic hospice services. This was hugely successful. As a result, a large donor has agreed to fund a hospice building in Green Pastures grounds; we have pledged to find the funding for additional staff, furniture and equipment. Hospice care is rare in Nepal and only available at a few large cancer-focused hospitals. The hospice will be the first in Nepal to offer care for all patients, regardless of their condition. And, as it will be an integral part of Green Pastures, patients will benefit from its whole range of services, including pain management and counselling.Your support has made all this possible. Thank you.
These are just some of the highlights and you can find much more inside your magazine. Much has already been achieved, but our plans remain ambitious – the need in Nepal is still great. Our focus is, as always, to serve poor and marginalised people. People who are hidden, neglected or excluded because of their caste, a disease or disability. We want them to have the best medical care possible, fair opportunities to access work and education, and a chance to live fulfilled and independent lives in inclusive communities where all can play an equal part. Change is possible – hopefully this magazine will show you how much we can achieve together. Thank you for your support.

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