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Engage… the latest BMS World Mission news from near and far

22 September 2017

The latest edition of BMS World Mission’s magazine, Engage, is out now, and once again it’s filled with features, news, updates, letters and prayer requests from across the globe. 

One piece, headlined Vive la Revolution, will be of particular interest to those of us who know John and Sue Wilson. The Wilsons have close ties with MBC which go back many years. Having recently moved from Lyon to Paris, as it says in the article: “John and Sue are now breathing news life into Avenue de Maine Baptist Church in the heart of Paris. John also leads FEEBF’s (French Baptist Federation) Ministry Commission, while Sue heads up the Federation’s Youth Committee, which includes organising the national youth conference.” 

You can sign up to receive the Engage magazine, completely free of charge, either on line or through the post by speaking to BMS World Mission rep Roger Robson or by going to 

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