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Family @ 4 – creepy crawly caterpillars, cuppas, DIY, cycling and there’s even a link to some good old rock and roll

3 April 2020

Family @ 4 is designed especially to keep us connected. How it works is you are invited to send in pictures of what you are doing at 4 o’clock in the afternoon (give or take a minute or two) Monday to Friday. 

We’ve now added some pictures that came in on Thursday and Friday to our original gallery, something we’ll do every day. The additions are busy bee Rowan in the kitchen making a pie and collecting sticks, David still digging his border out, Gracie reminding Kate that 4 o’clock is tea time, Gwynneth’s picture of a near deserted Harrogate Road, young Master Laws mending his bike, some imaginative home schooling from Sarah Meyer one element of which includes caterpillars (don’t ask), Ethan Dodd all ready to start painting the ceiling and from anon some genuine blue sky thinking.

Our first posts showed Rowan and Daisy Dring out and about putting daffodils on neighbours doorsteps, David Gladman digging for victory whilst Sue adopts a more relaxing attitude, some lovely artwork created by Cas and John S enjoying a welcome cuppa after a marathon fence painting session.

As you can see none of this can be classed as what purists might think of as being particularly “churcy.” But that’s the point: MBC isn’t a building; it’s people, real people, people who do ordinary things like painting fences, digging ditches, mucking out rabbit hutches and washing cars.

In these times when social distancing or indeed social isolation are our watchwords we need to remember that what binds “church” together is love for Jesus, and it is this love and the “church’s” endeavours to show the compassion that his life, death and resurrection inspires that will carry us through this crisis.

So come on don’t be shy, as 4pm approaches grab your camera or your phone (selfies and videos encouraged) and when you’ve captured this golden moment go to the MBC Facebook page and send it to us via the messages button.  

*Latest editions are Issy Meyer’s rainbow, Josh and Howard Slater making a bench press and a couiple of pictures of Phil, Jane and Sam on their daily bike ride.

CLIFF AND HANK. Elsewhere on the website there is a story about Steve Scaife and John Sherbourne and how what started off as a bit of light hearted banter has turned into quite a feature. How long they can keep it up remains to be seen but the daily Facebook posts that Steve, an accomplished musician and John who for 50 years wanted to be Cliff Richard and all his Shadows are certainly putting a lot of smiles on lots of faces.  You can see the full story by following this link

And if you want to follow their daily posts just visit Facebook and search for John Sherbourne and Steve Scaife and prepare to be amazed!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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