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Film Club, the first in a new series of blogs from Nathan Dring; read the post, watch the film and then join in the debate

15 October 2020

My last blog series was all about the learnings and reflections whilst taking my 3 year old daughter out on her bike. As the weather has turned (and the novelty worn off) we have spent probably more time watching movies. As such, over the coming weeks I’ll be chatting about the musings I have had whilst watching these…and this week it was Moana!
If you don’t know the story then (without spoilers) here is a summary. On a small island lives Moana and her tribe…and that is where they stay. They are safe. Everything in their environment is known to them. Familiarity is comfort. And yet…
Away from their island there is trouble. A looming darkness that seeks to destroy life. In order for it to be defeated, a heart must be restored.
And so Moana makes it her mission, to get out of her safe and comfortable life on the island, to travel to new oceans and restore the heart.
I’m guessing some of that might sound familiar, perhaps the same things resonating with you that rang a bell with me.
I wonder if as Christians, we have got used to the comfortable island life. We like our safety in familiarity. We know all the people we chat to. We belong with them and they belong with us. A safe, relatively non-challenging environment. Church can often be this. Or perhaps our friendship circles that only include Christians. Maybe we almost only chat to those who know Jesus or have just stopped sharing His love and salvation story.
Perhaps we all could do with a bit more of the Moana-spirit! Perhaps the time is now, for us to be brave and step out. To discover new oceans and, as we go, to share Christ. To see Him restore hearts and in doing so, push back the darkness and advance the Kingdom of God.

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