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Following on from the success of Oasis Cafe, Moortots also goes live on line – 11am Thursdays

27 March 2020

Following on from Tuesday’s on-line Oasis Café Shelley once again enlisted the help of Rowan and Daisy to bring us Moortots. Quarter an hour of story telling, requests, singing and chat broadcast live via was great.

All being well both Oasis Café (Tuesday at 11am) and Moortots (Thursdays also at 11) will be regular features, so if you haven’t already done so it’s worth making a note of these two web addresses; the first one for the church, this is a really effective way of getting news to you quickly and the second one specifically for Oasis and Moortots.

PS If you missed either Oasis Café or Moortots, or you would like to see them again simply go to the moortots link above and you’ll find it there.


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