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In a phased return to work the Leeds and Moortown Furniture Store is now ready to accept your donations

23 July 2020

After four months of lockdown the Leeds and Moortown Furniture which since 1986 has been collecting donated furniture and then through a raft of statutory and voluntary referral agencies passing it on to people in need will reopen its telephone lines on Monday July 27th. 

The Store’s manager, John Gamson, says that whilst he and his team were able to open their trading arm – LMFS Trading – a couple of weeks ago the move towards a phased return for the charity has been a very complicated process. “Visiting people’s homes and picking up their donated furniture is no easy task when you take into account all the health and safety protocols our crews have to follow.”
“Already,” adds John, “we are seeing signs that as restrictions ease the need for our services is going to be greater than ever so I would urge anyone who has any furniture that they no longer need: beds, sofas, tables, chairs, wardrobes etc to call us on 0113 2739727 or email
To begin with the charity will be operating its collection and delivery service mornings only with a view to resuming a full service by the middle of August. “That way” says John, “we will have extra time to focus on sorting and sifting new donations, and not only making sure our clients’ needs are met as quickly and as safely as possible but steering still serviceable furniture away from landfill or incineration.” 
One thing John is particularly keen to emphasise is that no one should drop anything off at the Store without first speaking with them, and that until we’re told otherwise there should be no unauthorised visits.   

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