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In issue 46 of Engage BMS World Mission issues a Christmas challenge

16 December 2019

In it’s latest edition of Engage, BMS World Mission pulls no punches in the way it describes the effects that the lack of clean water is having on some of the world’s most vulnerable people. “Dirty water,” it states “is a death sentence in Afghanistan. Children are dying from preventable waterborne diseases like typhoid and cholera – but this Christmas all that’s changing.”   

The reason for such optimism is the organisation’s belief that by people like you and I giving to its winter appeal – Save lives at Christmas and by them then “working alongside trusted partners and Afghan communities to dig wells and to harness the power of fresh mountain springs”  the plight of at least some of these people will be eased.

The feature, which appears on page 16 of Engage Issue 46 is just one of a number of stories and features that provide the reader with genuine, first hand accounts of the impact BMS and other such aid groups are having across the world.

Alongside this edition, however, there’s also a Prayer Guide which runs daily from January to April 2020. As in the magazine, here again the focus is on the work that BMS personnel and their supporters are engaged in in places as far apart as Peru, France, Chad, Nepal, Israel-Palestine and Thailand.

Engage, which is totally free either by post or on line by following the links from  is full of both challenge and hope so sign up now and let’s see what we can do to help.

MBC’s BMS World Mission coordinator is Roger Robson and besides being able to help you sign up to Engage he can also suggest lots of other ways you can support this great organisation.


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