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Your new leadership team gets straight down to business

25 March 2021

On Tuesday the 23rd of March more than a hundred members of Moortown Baptist Church met on zoom to elect an Interim Leadership Team. There were six candidates, all of whom were elected. They are Bela Singh, John Sherbourne, Karen Ross, Paddy Colling, Geoff Fennell and Nathan Dring. (L – R top to bottom in the picture above) 

The new team has already met. Their first get-together was a two and a half hour zoom call on Thursday evening, and they will reconvene on Sunday for a handover meeting with members of the outgoing Leadership Team. 

Their first meeting was very much a getting to know you affair; more a case of taking soundings and establishing common ground than discussing specific issues. However, what the new team did unanimously agree was that as a matter of urgency and with God front and centre opening up new and effective channels of communication is an absolute priority. Quite how this is to be achieved is still a work in progress but the one thing you can all be certain of is that as soon as those channels are established you will be the first to know. 

Elsewhere you may have read that at 12 noon this coming Sunday (March 28th) Shelley will be hosting a short get-together on zoom that will give us all an opportunity to meet, chat with and pray for our new team. The invitations to this will be sent out via the members email list.  

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