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Lindisfarne to Durham… Haddon Willmer invites us to share in the joys and the pains of a 110 mile digi pilgrimage

16 October 2013

DJ is a good friend of mine.  I helped to get him started on the research about God and child which he is now doing in Aberdeen. When I met him recently he told me he had walked 110 miles with a friend, as a pilgrimage and they had done a daily blog together on the way. Then when I saw it I knew I wanted other people to see it.



They walked through country which is precious and well-known to us and they share reflections on the way about life and faith.

The pictures are good, the blisters are painful and the Lindisfarne Gospels and the Saints of the North as wonderful as ever.

I know what DJ stands for, but everyone says, DJ.

You can follow DJ’s day by day blog by clicking on this link


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