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Little things mean a lot… a message of hope and encouragement from Becky, Bethan, Katie and Marika

20 May 2019

Just image you’re six and a half thousand miles from home, facing the prospect of six months living and working in a totally alien culture among people who speak a different language. 

That’s the situation that faced Becky Plummer, Bethan Toward, Katie Hutchins and Marika Jones when last October they landed in Peru at the start of their six month posting as a BMS Action Team. 

Today, back in the UK and half way through an eight week tour of local Baptist churches the girls are using each and every one of their Peruvian experiences to share hope and encouragement with those of us perhaps too timid to contemplate such an enormous challenge. 

On arrival in Peru and soon realising that a lot of things were going to be tough and that any hopes they might have had of instantly changing the world were unrealistic they carefully and prayerfully decided that their number one priority would simply be to make relationships. This meant to be alongside people, often doing the most menial of tasks so that day by day, one step at a time the little things they were doing and saying would enable their practical commitment to the good news of the gospel to make a difference. 

So if like me you were touched by some of the stories that Becky, Bethan, Katie and Marika shared with us remember this… it’s only our support for BMS World Mission that makes such opportunities possible.

Today as the girls move into week five and on to their next church we wish them well, we thank them for calling on us and we pray that the relationships they and their message made in Peru will not only live on but will flourish.

To find out more about the whole raft of ways you can help finance this amazing work visit  or have a word with MBC’s BMS link Roger Robson.

* The picture at the top of this story was taken by School Chaplain Kay Brown when the team visited Abbey Grange Church of England Academy. And it seems as if the girl’s gifts for making relationships continues as Kay has now issued an invitation to Shona for us to contact her re ongoing collaboration. 



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