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21 December 2013

be readyI know we are not yet at the end of 2013, and I’m definitely not wishing the time away, but now the last event on my list of events is over I feel able to sit and reflect upon the past year with renewed energy

It has been a year with lots of firsts: Rewind to Easter, a school lesson on the meaning of Easter,Easter Fiesta, a school lesson about moving into high school which I ran with Gary Tate, a Year 5/6 sleepover at church, Holiday Bible Club, Moorfun Friday (Messy Church), school assemblies  and “The Journey of the Magi” .  From these firsts, there have been many highlights and most of all there have been lots of people to share those moments with.  Thank you to all of you who have made my year fun and exciting, and full of hope and promise.

For my baptism, my Mum gave me a book – Just as I am by Ruth Etchells.  On Day Eighteen there was this quote:

” Lord God, you are the Lord of this new day of my life.  In it I know that time and eternity will intertwine in the steady outworking of your Kingdom.”  

marianne-williamson-marianne-williamson-god-exists-in-eternity-theThe statement made me wonder how one would draw such a thing, and it led me to think about the awesomeness of God being both in time and beyond time.  Surely if we believe in such a God, a God that has lived on this earth as a human and yet could see beyond the constraints of time, surely we can find the faith to walk with him into the unknown.  We are challenged to step out of the boat by Peter, but I am challenged to remember that God is with us when we take that step and He is present not just waiting for us beyond time and space.  

May we be reminded this Christmas that baby Jesus, Immanuel, is God WITH us!

Cas Stoodley, MBC Children’s Worker, 21 December 2013.

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