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Lunch Club hits the road to deliver more than 40 Easter goodie bags

30 March 2021

With the sun blazing down and some but by no means all wearing bunny ears Carole Smith and her Lunch Club team set out on Wednesday to deliver more than forty Easter goodie bags. 

Beautifully decorated with wooden crosses each bag contained all sorts of things including: a cake, a lolly, a palm cross, a What’s on Programme of everything that’s taking place at MBC over Easter, a card, a personal message from our new Deacons and more.

We know from comments we’ve received after past door step drops just how much these visits mean to so many people. So well done to Carole and to the bakers, the crafters, the packers and the drivers; this type of  ministry, particularly after the year we’ve all had really is what the church is all about. 


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