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MBC’s first ever Crib Service sees a lot of very excited children almost “bursting” with expectation

25 December 2017

For some reason, throughout its entire 62 history MBC has never held a Crib Service. Yesterday (Sunday 24th) that all changed. 

It all began with pass the parcel, as it went round each layer revealing one or more of the nativity characters. As they were added to the scene readers – children and adult – narrated. 

Each time a carol was sung, and led by Shona the growing number of small Marys, Josephs, wise men and shepherds paraded around the room before once again arriving back at the crib. 

In between readings Cas asked some “wondering questions” and to close Graham challenged us all to finish the sentence It’s not Christmas until… 

It may have taken us over 60 years to get round to it but one can’t help thinking that on Christmas Eve 2017 a new tradition was born.  

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