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Moortots Alternative Nativity. As the search for their successors starts join us at 3pm this coming Sunday to say au revoir and thank you to Moortot’s dynamic due Diane and Pauline

2 December 2018

Over the years Diane Towns and her Moortots team have earned something of a reputation in regard to their nativities. Admittedly Jesus, Mary and Joseph plus of course any number of shepherds, angels and kings are a constant. However, quite how they have got away with introducing to the plot numerous  Santa’s, a scruffy life sized dog, an incredibly grumpy innkeeper, Whoopsy Daisy, a hapless angel complete with fairy lights, halo and a tutu and most recently a Super Hero who even the most benevolent of souls would have described as well past his sell by we’ll never know. 

But you’ll be pleased to hear that this year is definitely no exception. 

As I write, rehearsals – yes believe it or not they do rehearse are under way and from what I’ve already glimpsed this Sunday’s offering promises to be one of the best.

Without giving too much away this year’s innkeepers have a prankster son whose antics (and lines) would earn any self respecting sitcom writer the sack. Of course in the end he comes good when he tidies out a stable and invites a young couple to stay the night. The rest of course is history but this doesn’t prevent mum and dad ruing on Shakespeare’s famous line from King Lear that “jesters do oft prove prophets.” 

However, in addition to the promise of witnessing some world class drama Sunday’s Service will also be special for another reason; it will be our Toddler Worker Diane Towns and her “right hand man” Pauline Bridle’s final Moortots session. 

Even if you’ve never been part of Moortots please, please come along for 3pm and make this Sunday really special because as the search now begins for their permanent successors it would be great to give these two truly great stars a fantastic send off. 



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