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Moortots nativity : more tots, more families and definitely more fun

13 December 2017

MBC’s Moortots Nativity is beginning to become something of a tradition, and if this year’s attendance figures are anything to go by we may very soon be looking to hire a bigger hall. 

Last Sunday afternoon more than 150 people; from babes in arms to great grandmas joined in the fun as Diane Towns and her team set about telling the story of the nativity with the aid of Santa, four “perfect” angels and Whoopsie Daisy… an angel to whom to word perfection could never be applied.

Whoopsie, through no fault of his own is hapless. He drops everything he touches and trips over nothing. Even when he’s given the simple job of counting snowflakes he’s found wanting.

However, when Santa gets stuck up the chimney and after much pulling and pushing Whoopsie frees him, his reward is a direct instruction from God to go to Bethlehem and spread the good news of Jesus’ birth. 

Admittedly John Sherbourne as Whoopsie did do his best to morph nativity into panto, in fact had it not been for the sterling efforts of Diane Sunter, Kate Slater and Stephanie and Freya Towns he could well have got away with it! Meanwhile as our resident slim-line Santa, Roger Bridle once again made the role his own.

With lashings of audience participation, narrated throughout by Diane and rounded off beautifully by Shona’s moment of reflection this event was deemed by many to have been the perfect way to launch MBC’s eclectic series of Christmas services. 

Sadly Diane’s “right hand man” Pauline Bridle was under the weather on Sunday and couldn’t make it but we did make sure that she was the first to receive the Youtube link below at which (if you feel you’re up to it) you too can watch a single shot YouTube video of the whole performance.

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