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Moortots Summer Celebration cooks up a real end of term treat

24 July 2020

Let me ask you a question. Where might you expect to watch mum, dad and their two kids doing the hokey- cokey, listen to stories about the sea tickling your toes, hear more than a passing reference to Psalm 23 and be invited to bake a cake in a cup? Answer… at Moortots end of term celebration. 

Thursday’s end of term party was the thirty third live Facebook broadcast that Shelley Dring, more often than not assisted by Rowan and Daisy had produced since lockdown began. 

Never shying from a challenge, at 11am every Tuesday and Thursday Shelly and Nathan have opened their home to countless babies, tots, mums, dads, grandmas and grandads as together they’ve cut and coloured, pasted and pleated just about anything and everything from treasure finding binoculars, to colourful rainbows and to T shirts for teddies.   

Occasionally friends would drop by (via YouTube) and share their favourite bible story. At other times pictures or even short videos of craft made at an earlier session would be shown. 

In my opinion what Shelley and co. have achieved in moving Oasis and Moortots on line is nothing short of remarkable, particularly so when you consider that in addition to these twice weekly features she has also been devising and producing a brilliant family friendly programme that not only goes out alongside our regular Church at Home Sunday service but in terms of content mirrors it. 

The picture above, left shows how today’s cake in a cup exercise turned out (better Shelley admits if she had actually remembered to put some sugar in). But come on no one’s perfect. 

As Shelley now pauses her regular schedule of twice weekly Facebook broadcasts there’s no need to panic; just as soon as she has dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s she’ll be back again with a series of summer specials. 





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