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Murray McEwan speaks of encouragement, nurture and support… a fitting tribute at the close of Bob’s final service as worship leader

9 October 2017

Just about the only downside to MBC being a growing and vibrant church is that each Sunday morning when our children and young people go into their own groups they inevitably take with them a large number of adult “teachers”. This means, of course, that they all miss anything that takes place in the second half of the service. 

A couple of Sunday’s ago was Bob Corrie’s final session as worship leader and for those of us that were out of the room here’s how current Worship Leader Murray McEwan marked the occasion.

“I thanked Bob for his worship leading: his thoughtfulness, integrity coming as it does from his deeply held faith and sensitivity to the journey of the service and leading of the Holy Spirit. I also thanked him for doing the coordination of the whole team for many years which he did in tandem with Marion. Finally I thanked him for the encouragement, nurturing and support he has given many new members of the team, including me. Bob has indicated, however, that although we won’t be leading worship again he may from time to time help us out if we need him, so we are all hopeful that he won’t hang his guitar up completely”.  


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