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News from the Amity Team in China

21 July 2011

We had a real laugh when we saw the pictures of Andy and Norma – they were very amused! So here is an up-to-date photo – all the way from Suining, Sichuan Province China-and hot off the press as it was taken this morning – Saturday.

We have successfully completed our first week of teaching and we are beginning to get to know our 4 classes of wonderful Teachers very well. Mike – as the youngest and least experienced on the team has the largest class of 27 Teachers! I think that some of the young women had a preference for his class and switched! He is doing really well as a Teacher and we are very proud of him. Andy did a fantastic job towards the end of the week teaching Scottish dancing and Barn dancing to the Teachers – with Mike overcoming his embarrassment and joining in wholeheartedly! We have a large empty dining room that was ideal for a group of 50 Teachers dancing together. Mike will also use it for sports activity – it is too hot to be outside.

We are all enjoying the teaching – our lovely Teachers make it a delight for us. Andy has the hardest job as he mainly teaches the class with the poorest levels of spoken English. The staff cannot do too much for us-they are so quick to respond to any request from the crazy foreign Teachers! They are making life so comfortable for us. They arranged for the hotel to install Internet into each of our bedrooms for convenient email access. People here in Suining are very friendly. They are becoming familiar with the 4 foreign Teachers as we walk to and from school. There is a huge Wallmart 5 minutes away where we can get extra supplies if needed. Phil is now also in China – but in Beijing.

Jane Coates

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