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Nov 5th… MBC launches PULSE, an exciting new Sunday morning children’s programme

17 October 2017

On Sunday November 5th (a day guaranteed to go with a bang!) our Childrens’ Worker Cas Stoodley and her team are launching what we are calling PULSE, a new and innovative programme which will not only reshape the way we currently do “Sunday School” but which via a mix of engaging take home material and Social Media will also draw in mums, dads, grandmas, granddads, carers et al as never before. 

Branded Think Orange the programme is based upon three basic truths: Wisdom, the need to make wise choices; Faith, the assurance that we can trust God no matter what and Friendship, the notion that we should all treat others the way we want to be treated. It also majors on one hundred and fifty bible stories and thirty Life Apps (i.e. a practical application). 

Each month there is a quite specific theme, in November that’s Gratitude. Within that theme there is always a Key Question – in week one for example that’s “What are you grateful for?” And to close there’s always a bottom line, again from week one that’s “Celebrate what God has done.” However, in between and in separate age groups there are any number of craft activities, games and teaching slots. 

Perhaps the biggest single difference to our current plan however is that each week (with the exception of our children who attend Bubbles) everyone starts and finishes off each session together. Indeed on the fourth week of the month we’re all actually planning to come back in to the sanctuary and through drama, song, story telling or maybe even film share with you some of the stuff we have been doing. 

A couple of weeks ago Cas organised a training session for the team, some pictures from which you see here. 

Please pray for this new venture; pray for Cas, her team and of course for our children and their families because as our training day proved the challenge is considerable but the potential, particularly in regard to family and community involvement is nothing short of enormous.



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