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REWIND to Easter 2018

7 March 2018

Two weeks ago our Children’s Worker Cas Stoodley put out an urgent appeal for people to join our Rewind to Easter team. This evening (Wednesday March 7)  as we look back over the last two days we once again wonder at how a simple request (accompanied of course by a bucket load of prayer) came good. 

This year we played host to just over four hundred Year 5 pupils from more than a dozen local Primary Schools. Our message was simple: what you see and hear is what we, as Christians, believe Easter to be all about. 

As usual Rewind was a fast moving mix of drama, games, video and craft. It was also John Sherbourne’s last time as Cas’ up-front foil. Fast approaching seventy John has decided that before someone tells him that there’s no fool like an old fool it’s time to hand over the mic to someone younger; although he assures us he will be one of the first to put his name down for a less demanding role when in seven months time Cas starts asking for volunteers for Rewind to Christmas. 

Rewind – both to Easter and to Christmas is something MBC should take pride in. With so many schools seemingly placing less and less importance on the teaching of core Christian traditions it’s not just a pleasure, it’s an absolute necessity that MBC continues to run this amazing project.     

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