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Satisfying, scriptural and above all humbling… transforming lives in Jhum Para

12 January 2021

The old and the new

Inspired by news of a project that Phil Commons is heavily involved in a small number of MBC members have recently helped an extremely poor family to move to a new purpose built house in the village of Jhum Para, Bangladesh. This development which cost £3,000 and with the help of  villagers was completed in eight weeks has been very happily received and endorsed by the whole community. The idea was for the house to be made somewhat larger than their old “property” in order that the family’s adult son could live with and support them.

There’s more about Jhum Para, about how MBC originally became involved with the desperately poor people who live in this remote village and how your support can help them today HERE 

As one of those who donated to the appeal says: “To be able to directly transform people’s lives in needy parts of the world is so satisfying, so scriptural and above all so humbling.”

Amen to that.

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