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Shimmer a zimmer – as we celebrate our Seniors’ Lunch Club, watch out for some new look walking aids

6 March 2019

A couple of weeks ago Graham told us a little bit of history about St David. Born somewhere around 500AD, David, the Patron Saint of Wales became bishop of Mynyw (now St Davids) during the 6th century. A renowned teacher and preacher we learned that St David’s most famous miracle took place when he was preaching in the middle of a large crowd at the Synod of Brefi when the ground on which he was standing is reputed to have risen up to form a small hill.

However, as interesting as all this was what Graham was leading us to was a story of an encounter he recently had with a welsh friend at a UK Citizen’s meeting. Seemingly it’s a known fact that as something like 99% of all zimmer frames are grey those who rely on them for mobility have great difficulty determining which is and which isn’t theirs. 


In Wales personalising a zimmer is known as pimping, or in slightly more refined circles as shimmering, and as part of their agenda to address areas of need the particular branch of UK Citizens that Graham’s friend belongs to have taken up this challenge with a local engineering company. 

By coincidence our Senior’s Worker Carole Smith has just mounted a fabulous display in the MBC sports hall of pictures and comments taken and made about Seniors’ Lunch Club. 

If you get chance do pop into the sports hall and read some of the comments, each and every one underlining the value of this important part of our ministry which believe it or not began its weekly programme in March 1975, that’s exactly 44 years ago. 

We’ll keep you up date with any news we get as to if and when any of our seniors get their hands on some new super duper shimmered zimmers; in the meantime keep your wits about you and keep looking out for grey ones. 

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