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Son of man, eat this scroll – a bitter sweet experience

15 May 2019

To launch a new series of services and sermons based on the Old Testament book of Ezekiel, Graham took a most novel approach.

Reading from Ezekiel Chapters 2 and 3, a passage of scripture which describes Ezekiel’s call to be a prophet he asked for a show of hands before picking out certain members of the congregation by trade and profession: teachers, doctors, internet technician, sales people etc.

He then gave them each an A4 certificate (aka a scroll) on which was written a list of the skills they needed to do their work and asked them to tear off a corner, share it with those around them and eat it.

Then, taking five reference points from the text, the headings of which spelled out the word GOALS, we were invited to discuss ways in which through faith the bitter, sweet experiences that happen to us all equip us to live out our beliefs. 

The scrolls of course were made of rice paper – although we’re not too sure about the ink. 

With occasional breaks the Ezekiel sermon theme runs right the way through Pentecost and ends on July 28th with a service with an equally enticing title “Two sticks”. 

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